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Emily Sheehan M.F.A.

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I find that the time spent drawing from observation provides a conducive context for contemplating lived experience. As humans, we perceive through our bodily senses, absorb and evaluate each encounter, and construct means to interpret, respond to, and convey our understanding to others. I believe that it is in this human space between encounter and recounting that we make our world personal. My studio practice utilizes both traditional drawing methods and unexpected applications, techniques, and materials to create images that acknowledge that encounters can be fleeting, that their complexity is easy to underestimate, and that their impact endures. 



Emily Sheehan is an Associate Professor of Fine Arts at Indiana University Southeast where she heads the Drawing Area. Emily’s work has been exhibited nationally, in group, invitational, and juried exhibitions. Emily is on the board of the Thinking Through Drawing – International Drawing and Cognition research network, which coordinates symposia, events, and publications that connect people who are interested in the process and practice of drawing and the ways that drawing both reflects and facilitates thought and perception.

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